Note: Never move funds to or from the DO NOT TOUCH cards in Uphold. If you do, you must contact Heleum Support to reactivate activity on your account.

How do I get funds into Heleum faster?

As a young company and one committed to security and fraud prevention, transferring from your bank to Uphold can take up to 7 business days, or longer.

If your transfer has been pending for 7 days, please contact Uphold Support here.

If you rather not wait for your bank transfer to complete with Uphold, here are alternatives. Here are two.

Coinbase and Gemini are cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges that allow bank or credit/debit card transfer. Get started with Coinbase here and Gemini here.

Once registered, add your bank account (Gemini, Coinbase) or credit/debit card (Coinbase) information. Submit your order for either litecoin or ether (these are faster and have cheaper transaction fees than bitcoin).

Once your cryptocurrency funds are confirmed, initiate a transfer to Uphold using these instructions.

After your transaction completes and your funds are available on Uphold, move them to your base currency card (USD Card, EUR Card, etc. In the future this step will not be necessary.).

Access Heleum to initiate your deposit by clicking here, then under the Menu > Add Funds.

This should be a faster process to moving your funds from your bank to Uphold directly. However, you will incur small fees along the way. It is recommended that you pad your funding amount by ~5% to protect the balance you wish to deposit to Heleum.

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  • 18-Nov-2017