Note: Never move funds to or from the DO NOT TOUCH cards in Uphold. If you do, you must contact Heleum Support to reactivate activity on your account.

What does it cost to use Heleum?

Heleum doesn't charge any subscription or deposit/withdrawal fees. Instead, Heleum is paid out of the gains produced by balloons.

Initially, users will receive 60% of all gains, with Heleum receiving 40%

There are currently two ways to increase the share of gains for users: 1) referring other users to Heleum using a unique referral link, and 2) maintaining various levels of funding.

  1. After a referral's account has been actively funded for 30 days, the referring user's share of gains increases by 1% permanently. Users may increase share of gains through referrals until they reach 100%, for a permanent 40% boost.
  2. Maintaining the following levels of funding will get you an additional boost:
    • $1,000 funded = 5% boost
    • $10,000 funded = 10% boost
    • $100,000 funded = 15% boost
    • $1,000,000 funded = 20% boost
    • Note: User account value in USD is automatically calculated any time funds are added by the user, reinvested from popped balloons, or withdrawn by the user (so it can lower if enough funds are withdrawn).

A simple illustration will demonstrate how gains are split: A user deposits $20,000 into their Heleum account and a balloon is launched for $1,000 (see here for how balloon size is determined).

After a number of days the balloon pops with a value of $1,100.

Under the initial share of gains of 60% + the 10% funding level boost, $1,070 stays in the user's Heleum account and $30 is sent to Heleum.

If a user has an additional 10% boost to their share of gains from referring 10 actively funded users, $1,080 stays in the user's Heleum account and $20 is sent to Heleum. 

The user's funds will be launched into new balloons to continue growth.

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  • 20-May-2018