Note: Never move funds to or from the DO NOT TOUCH cards in Uphold. If you do, you must contact Heleum Support to reactivate activity on your account.

How can I pop my balloons and realize my gains sooner?

One of the most common requests by users is to add the ability to pop their balloons manually. Because balloon values are constantly fluctuating as exchange rates fluctuate, their value rises, and then falls again.

Heleum is working on developing several mechanisms to, for example, lock in gains, stop losses, and force pop balloons when certain conditions are met. While we hope to improve overall performance, we must take careful consideration of what has made Heleum successful so far.

In the meantime, users who wish to capitalize on their current gains may pop their balloons by initiating a withdrawal from their Heleum account. This process is designed to withdraw unlaunched funds first, then pop balloons from the highest gains to the lowest in order to prevent balloons with negative gains from incurring a loss. After the funds have returned to your Uphold card, you may re-add them to Heleum. 

Heleum separates balloon launches by 48 hours, which means withdrawing funds and then re-adding will delay their launch into new balloons. This may or may not be beneficial.

Please remember: Heleum is not a get rich quick scheme, but a long-term savings vehicle. It can be fun and exciting to watch your balloons rise, and nerve-racking watching them fall. It is not recommend to constantly watch your Heleum funds, as this may induce emotion-based panic and bad decision-making.

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  • 15-Dec-2017