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Why are my balloons falling in value, and not moving or popping?

Large crashes of over 20-40% happen every 2-4 months in the cryptocurrency marketplace. Under the current Heleum algorithm (v1.0), Heleum balloons hold their funds during the crash (they will drop in value) because it is written to only sell high after it enters a currency. Once the crash bottoms out, Heleum trades between cryptocurrencies until the currency prices recover. Heleum often outperforms the cryptocurrency market during the recovery.

During a market crash, balloons often don’t move for weeks because they aren’t reaching their goals due to falling or stable-low crypto rates.

Here’s a hypothetical example when the only currencies exchanged are USD and BTC: If a balloon launches from USD to BTC, it won’t move back to USD until it rises 5%. If it drops 10%, then it has 15% to climb from its current position (or 5% above its starting position, not exact %’s) before it will move.

Now mesh this concept across all possible currency conversions. (Heleum only moves fiat -> crypto, crypto -> crypto, and crypto -> fiat, never fiat -> fiat.) Until a goal is reached relative to another currency, the balloon will stay in its current currency. Once the currency you are in gains against some other currency, it will move into the cheaper currency.

Please remember that such crashes are normal, expected, and are regularly resolved within 1 to 2 months. Heleum is a long-term vehicle that will maximize your gains over years of use, using the most conservative currencies.

Note: Heleum v2.0 is currently under development to add stop losses, lock-in high gains, and add more cryptocurrency options to Heleum so that balloons never lose most of their gains to market crashes. These improvements are expected to be completed in March or April of 2018, and should improve app performance by over 50%, though it could be much more. See the Roadmap (here) for current progress.

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  • 30-Dec-2017